Yuzvendra Chahal was angry in viral video on social media RCB Vs RR Match

Yuzvendra Chahal was angry in viral video on social media RCB Vs RR Match

Mumbai: The 15th season of IPL has started. Bitter fighting is seen in Rajasthan, Lucknow, and Kolkata. Many stories are happening on the field but a strange thing happened in the match between Rajasthan and Bangalore. The player was angry that the franchise did not retain him.

There are 10 teams this season. So many changes have taken place in the team. This time, the Bangalore team did not retain Yuzvendra Chahal. Virat Kohli also resigned as captain. Faf du Plessis then led the team. Yujvendra Chahal had a great performance last season. He was playing for Bangalore.

This time, Yuzvendra was not retained by Bangalore. Rajasthan’s team paid Rs 6.5 crore and took him into their team. Yuzvendra is still angry that Bangalore has not retained him. He vented his anger on the field during the match. His video is going viral on social media.

In this video, you can see that after the match, the players of the Bangalore team were shaking hands with the players of Rajasthan. Then Yuzvendra Chahal ignored both of them and left.

Hershal Patel and Yujvendra Chahal are rumored to have done so on social media. Yujvendra Chahal also never openly expressed his displeasure or anger against Hershal Patel. So, there is a discussion on social media about what exactly happened.

Yujvendra Chahal led the Bangalore team to victory with his bowling. But he was not retained by Bangalore. The Rajasthan team gave him a chance to play by retaining him. Chahal helped Rajasthan win the match.

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