Ramiz Raja PCB Chairman big statement on Indian Premier League(IPL)

Ramiz Raja Pcb Chairman big statment on Indian Premier League(IPL)
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Mumbai: IPL is known as the biggest league in the world. Players from all over the world participate in this league. Now Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ramiz Raja has made a strange statement regarding this league. However, instead of taking this statement to heart, people started laughing.

India’s neighbor is Pakistan. Like India, Pakistan hosts the Super League. The league also features players from around the world. Now Ramiz Raja made a strange statement from this league and IPL. He is also being ridiculed after his statement.

Pakistan’s PSL and Australia’s Big Bash League are considered to be the highest revenue-generating leagues in the world. Ramiz Raja has hinted that he will make some changes now to raise more money. Pakistan is trying to strengthen its economic position. Therefore, he has claimed that PSL will face IPL in the future.

PSL currently has no choice but to provide funds from the ICC. But they are discussing the model. He is in discussions with the owners of the franchise. When Pakistan’s economic maths grows, it will inevitably grow and benefit. Only then will it be easier to compete in the IPL. At that time let’s see if they go to play in IPL or Pakistan come in Super League.

Rameez Raja has claimed that many players will come to play in Pakistan Super League and not IPL then. The IPL is seen as the biggest league in the world. BCCI earns thousands of crores of rupees every year from this league.

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