lata mangeshkar came running when bcci needed money, world champion player got one lakh

lata mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar Mumbai: BCCI is known as the richest organization. But there was a time when the BCCI did not have the money to pay the players who won the 1983 World Cup. At that time, Lata Mangeshkar had come to the aid of Indian players.
When the Indian team won the World Cup, the then president of the BCCI and a minister in the Indira Gandhi government, NKP Salve, had a question, how to celebrate this world victory? Where will the money come from? At that time, Indian cricket was not a world power and money was not raining down on cricketers like today’s cricketers.

Salve approached financial adviser Rajsingh Dungarpur for a solution. Dungarpur then requested his close friend and big cricket fan Lata Mangeshkar to give a concert at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi. He then helped the BCCI raise funds. Lata Mangeshkar gives a concert in a stadium in Delhi. Due to this, the board was able to give a reward of Rs. 1 lakh to each player. Lata Mangeshkar’s love for cricket made it all possible.
Latadidi did not take any money from BCCI for the concert

A cricket was her second love, Lata did not take a single rupee from the BCCI for the concert. “Mr. Salve threw a googly and I became clean bold,” she recalls. Lataji had saved my honor. “Otherwise, these players would have beaten me,” said NKP Salve. Rs 20 lakh was collected from the Lata Mangeshkar concert held at the stadium in the capital Delhi. Out of this, the players of the Indian team were given a prize of one lakh rupees each. Lata Mangeshkar did not take any money from BCCI for this concert. The BCCI never forgot Latadidi’s favors and in her honor two VIP passes were reserved for her in every stadium in India for international matches.

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